Insight and overview of your real estate data

Connect all your property data and make it accessible to the whole organization, so you can make better decisions.

Unlock the value of your data with a data management platform specifically designed for the real estate industry.

Real time insight and visibility into your real estate assets.
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Estaid Portfolio delivers valuable insight into your portfolio to improve decision making and maximize returns

  1. A platform where all your data is available in one place
  2. Automatic day-to-day reporting
  3. Integrates easily with all your systems
  4. Eliminate risk of human error with manual reporting
  5. Easier access to benchmarking
  6. Be proactive with consolidated data

Estaid Portfolio ensures a streamlined, scalable and secure data management solution

With Estaid Portfolio you receive real time data to gain insight into your entire property portfolio.

Be one step ahead and manage strategic decisions proactively instead of letting a delayed data flow drive your decision making.

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Estaid Portfolio for finance

  1. Automated financial reporting
  2. Automate manual processes and eliminate risk of human error
  3. Stop spending time moving data around in Excel

Estaid Portfolio for asset management

  1. Pinpoint cost saving opportunities
  2. Never forget a critical lease date - view the entire rental register and vacant units
  3. Less data processing, so you can focus on value adding in your company

Estaid Portfolio for management and executives

  1. Better and quicker insight with real time data to free up resources across the organization
  2. Support your teams across the organization with flexible data modeled on demand
  3. Easier and better reporting to external stakeholders and partners

What our clients say: Pears Global Real Estate Denmark

Don't just take our word for it!
Estaid Portfolio has helped Pears Global Real Estate Denmark bring together all their property data to gain unique insight into their portfolio.

"We now have an eagle-eye view of our portfolios, that we didn’t have before. It’s allowed us to not only save money, but also time, enabling our employees to work on things they actually care about, instead of worrying about reporting"

Daniel Tewfik
Senior Project Manager


  1. Many different property managers
  2. Scattered data
  3. No consolidated database
  4. Time-consuming accounting and financial reporting
  5. No transparency and poor access to data in the organization


  1. Integration of all property managers
  2. A consolidated database
  3. Business intelligence - real time view of your portfolio performance
  4. Proactive strategic decisions
  5. Easier to evaluate new investments


  1. Increased transparency
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Easier internal communication
  4. Fewer manual processes
  5. Less reliance on external property managers
  6. Improved ROI

Custom data tracking

With custom data tracking, you can turn gut feelings into data-driven decisions. Track broker performance, daily processes to figure out where to optimize.

Business intelligence

Review property performance across your entire portfolio. Deep dive into trends and unexpected numbers.

Data management

Be in control of your data using our real estate specific data model with ready-made integrations, data mapping, quality control and compliance approved data management.

Data infrastructure

Ensure a futureproof data infrastructure and use our state-of-the-art cloud architecture and data operations to focus on portfolio performance.

Automated financial reporting

Leverage connected datasets for financial reporting.

We want to change the real estate industry

We believe in making complex things simple by making real estate transparent, accessible and efficient for professionals.

We are a one-stop shop for property data making it smooth to work together across teams and organizations.

We collaborate with a wide network of competent real estate professionals to build a platform that can change an entire industry.

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Co-Founder & Product Owner
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